Turkish Bath

Bath is a very important part of the culture of Anatolia. The stage of history 6 thousand years ago, the Sumerians le, then a part of nearly every civilization, cultural history, said. The most meaningful and most commonly known as the “Turkish” said that the tourists, “the first thing that comes to mind,” Turkey, “Turkish bath”

Lie back and enjoy a Turkish bath or hot stones • all feel the stress slip away, and a tea/coffee maker.

Unique Flavors

Aegean cuisine and, of course, especially when it comes to mind from İzmir, olive, olive oil and olive oil-delicious food. The fresh olive oil ground black pepper, salt and sprinkle fried or fresh thyme bread according to the desire of this mixture and cheese with places. Olive oil is the first and the second actor in the Aegean cuisine, yeşillikleridir thousand and one kind of an actor.Indeed, as the Aegean cuisine too thinly across a green kitchen was wrong.Hibiscus, Ivy, nettles, plantain, radish, sweet-I bostan, weasel, labada, kuşotu, plantain, chicory, Salicornia, asparagus, tangle. The list gets longer.As much as possible, so that these herbs and cooked less colors and vitamin values they contain. When you add the olive oil and lemon juice over them and the gold-colored with tastes that taste and enjoy the satisfaction.

The unique flavors of kitchen color Byipek Stonehouse strength into your life.

Horseback Riding

Our goal with our horses, we share the pleasure of these sports families demanding. Pursuit of this goal with respect to the horses always wanted to keep at the forefront of the professionalism of equine. Among adults, even if our motives are to support the equestrian attributes and children of the great world of the special relationship between horse and rider, hop on horseback to meet objectives, most importantly, the pleasure of it. After step into the world of equestrian, horse is a natural experience and informed request.

Wedding Organization

Guests can enjoy a unique experience the happiest day for the unique atmosphere, we offer our extraordinary comfort and exceptional picture quality that would make your head spin, this special night at the stately magnificence, unique nature, comfort and quality in a night into a memorable experience in Stonehouse.By İpek Hotel.